Chanel® (Vintage) ready to wear/shoe check without written report

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With 35+ years of Chanel® knowledge I can help you determine if an item you bought or plan to buy is real. Please follow these steps:

1. Please register on this site and click 'buy' to order (this is no automatic checkout)

2. transfer the amount of 20€ on Paypal to:

3. send me an email ( or Whatsapp to +31628817358 with the following clear and readable pics (if applicable):

full front

full back 

frontal picture of CC logo (label/size label)

frontal clear closeup of care label (both sides!)

frontal picture of button front

frontal picture of button back

closeup detail from chain in hem

picture of lining

>>for shoes: full picture from bottom sole

picture of serial number/number print in the inner lining


If additional or clearer pics are necessary I will let you know asap.

I will try to answer within a few hours, but please keep in mind there is time difference to Europe.

I'll help you as fast as my time permits.



*Please note: my longtime experience in Chanel® helps me in the best possible way. 

However there is a minor chance I am not able to assist you or give a 99% accurate outcome. It is an outcome based on the provided pictures and my personal opinion* 

This opinion is based on my personal knowledge acquired over 35+ years of collecting this brand and the accuracy of the information/pictures provided by the client. 


Each client is solely responsible for any and all of its own content, pictures and any actions or inactions while using my services. Because I do not control client content, by providing the information you understand, acknowledge and agree that I am not responsible for any provided content, whether provided by you or by others. I make no guarantees regarding the accuracy, currency or quality of any provided content or the authentication outcome. You agree that or it’s owner will not be responsible for any loss or damage incurred as the result of any such interactions through the service.

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